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We provide creative digital solutions developed from playing with the latest and greatest technologies. We also like the challenge to start custom solutions from ideas you can’t stop thinking about. Our goal is to make the purpose simple and clear using effective communication and an easy to follow process.


I’m a Software Developer and 3D Artist. I started Box of Apps to provide creative Digital Solutions using technologies I love. I’m also Director of Ingot Digital a 3D Architectural Visualisation company based in Sydney.

Website Services

Solutions to the most common challenges you will face with websites. We will create, improve and manage your website to give you peace of mind.

App Development

Creative applications of technology that will make you stand up with a memorable engaging experience. Great to promote yourself or your projects.

Business Solutions

Custom made solutions for your business to automate repetitive tasks. We design hybrid systems with the lowest form of tech required to build an efficient workflow.
WordPress Website Design

We create beautiful timeless website designs. We arrange your content so it can tell a compelling story to your visitors.

The perfect balance between fitting right in and standing out while users navigate to and from social media platforms.

During our process we will learn as much as possible about your business. Sharing the same vision as you will allow us to get to the right result.

WordPress Website Hosting

We will move you to a fast and local australian host where your website can be accessed almost instantly. As with all technologies, web hosting is evolving and your current provider might be falling behind. A few extra seconds waiting might be too long for your users, and google might not like it either, putting you at the back of the list on google search.

  • Move to a fast and cheap host solution
  • Get help with the migration process
  • Improve Page Speed for better and Mobile Experience

Possible Scenarios

Have website + No host

If you have a WordPress website and need help migrating it to a better host.

No website + New start

If you don’t have a WordPress website but want us to start one for you.

Single Point of Contact

We manage everything, Payments, service setup, email hosting, service upgrades and more.

Free recommendation

If you want to do it by yourself and want our recommendation on the best host in Australia, visit Vultr.

WordPress Website Maintenance

We take care of all the technical details to keep your website running fast and secure. Keeping your website healthy requires, security updates, backups, plugin updates, speed optimisations and many other technical considerations. Our goal is to give you peace of mind

  • Security: Plugin and WordPress updates
  • Host updates
  • Monitoring / Reports on page traffic and google search keywords
  • Peace of Mind that someone is taking care of your website
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Augmented Reality Business Card

If you like to experiment with technology and have to augment the information on your business card, this is the solution for you. Ideal to give you the chance to tell a brief story about what you do and to create a memorable lasting impression.

  • Memorable interaction
  • Interactive information

Property Marketing App

With our Property App Service we develop a custom made app exclusive for your project. You get all your content in one place where your buyers can visualise the exterior of the building, CGIs, videos, 360º views of the interiors and much more.

  • Interactive 3D Building Model
  • Augmented Reality Mode
  • 360 Panoramas
  • … and much more!
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